Program Administration

Students in the Nova Scotia PhD Program in Educational Studies enjoy access to a range of resources to support their scholarship and research. Faculty members from the three participating universities are available to provide expertise related to all six fields of study that are supported by the program.

The doctoral program is jointly administered by the three participating universities.


The PhD program is administered by a committee with members from all three participating universities. The Inter-university Doctoral Advisory Committee (IDAC) meets frequently to address program and student issues. This committee reviews applications for admission, organizes courses, and plans events.

IDAC is currently chaired by Dr. Ardra Cole (Mount Saint Vincent University) and supported by a full-time program administrator who staffs the PhD Program Administration Office, currently located at Mount Saint Vincent University. It is this administrative office that conducts many of the administrative functions of the program, including providing many services for students, including useful information and program support.


The Inter-University Doctoral Governance Committee (IDGC) monitors the quality of the doctoral program and attends to policies and fiscal affairs. It is comprised of the Vice Presidents (Academic) from the three universities and the Chair of IDAC.


The inter-university doctoral program is financially supported through government funding, tuition, faculty research grants, and student scholarships and bursaries.

IDAC — The Inter-University Doctoral Committee

Responsible for day-to-day PhD Program administration

IDGC The Inter-University Governance Committee

Responsible for policies affecting program governance