English Language Proficiency

The Nova Scotia PhD Program in Educational Studies is an English language program. Due to the intense nature of the doctoral program, applicants must possess English language proficiency when they apply for admission to the program.

Normally, the Program will not require applicants to provide proof of English language proficiency for those who have completed a 2-3 year program of study (bachelor or masters degree) at a recognized university in an English speaking country where the language of instruction and exams are in English.

Applicants without this background must provide supporting documentation for one or more of the following English language proficiency tests, submitted with their application package:

  • IELTS 7.5-9.0 (with score of at least 7 on each test band)
  • MELAB 85 or higher (and the Speaking Test)
  • TOEFL (one of three, with IBT preferred because it also tests for speaking):
        • IBT 90 or higher
        • CBT 237 or higher
        • PBT 580 or higher (with a TWE score of 6)
        • PTE Academic 84 or higher
  • CanTest 5 or higher

Fulfillment of one or more of the above English language proficiency assessments does not guarantee admission.

Admission into the doctoral program will not be considered or permitted until official test results proving proficiency in English have been received.

Examination scores more than two years old cannot be verified; therefore, applicants normally will be required to retake any English language proficiency test(s) that is older than two years.

Normal proof of English language proficiency will continue to apply to doctoral students in any teaching positions.

The IDAC will not conditionally admit applicants that require English language training.