Application Process

The application process for the Nova Scotia PhD Program in Educational Studies follows these steps:

  1. Applicants complete application forms and gather all required documentation. They submit their application package to the Doctoral Program Office by the application deadline. Applications must be postmarked November 15 for July 1 entry to the program. Applicants are asked to identify potential supervisor(s) and specify the home institution(s) of these supervisors. If they do not choose a supervisor, one will be assigned if a suitable fit is available.
  2. Applicants are vetted using the program criteria for admission as set out in the Application Form. Qualified candidates are admitted only if the program admission committee is able to provide a program of study (per the applicant’s Letter of Intent) and a supervisor.
  3. Based on the applications received, the admission committee prepares three admission-related rosters: applicants who will receive a Letter of Offer, those who will receive a wait pool letter, and those who will receive a rejection letter (with reasons).
  4. Normally, the applicant’s home institution communicates the committee’s decision in writing after March 1. Successful applicants will receive Letters of Offer from the university that is home to their supervisor. Rejection letters are issued by the university that is home to an applicant’s identified potential supervisor. Wait pool letters are mailed by the Doctoral Program Office.
  5. Applicants who receive a Letter of Offer have two weeks to confirm their acceptance of the offer to be admitted to the doctoral program.
  6. The Doctoral Program Office manages the wait pool. Should a seat become open in the program after the mailing of initial Letters of Offer, the administration committee (IDAC) will select a qualified applicant(s) to receive a Letter of Offer and so on, until May 1 when, normally, no further Letters of Offer for admission to the doctoral program will be tendered.

Interested in Applying?

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