Courses in the Doctoral Program

The Nova Scotia PhD Program in Educational Studies offers the following courses:

GEDU 9001/EDUC 8013: Foundations of Educational Inquiry (0.5 unit/3 credits)

An examination of the purpose, process, nature and ideals of education. Students engage with enduring educational philosophical and theoretical traditions and perspectives, the history of educational thought and the philosophy of education, in particular. A variety of foundational perspectives provide deeper understandings of the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of education.

GEDU 9002/EDUC 8023: Methodological Perspectives on Educational Research (0.5 unit/3 credits)

An examination of the import of methodological paradigms in educational research (building on the foundations of educational inquiry). Students investigate: (a) ontological assumptions; (b) epistemological views; (c) the role of logic, sound evidence and justified beliefs; (d) axiology (values and biases); and, (e) rhetorical (research reporting structures) components of educational inquiry.

GEDU 9003/EDUC 8033: Doctoral Seminar: Contemporary Educational Theory (0.5 unit/3 credits)

An exploration of how educational philosophy, research paradigms and theories are manifested in contemporary educational research debates and dialogues. Through an intensive examination of a range of theories that inform studies in education, students gain an advanced and comprehensive understanding of contemporary educational theory within the Canadian and international contexts.

GEDU 9004/EDUC 8043: Focused Educational Studies (0.5 unit/3 credits)

A focused exploration of research topics reflective of the current roster of doctoral students. In a seminar setting, individual students study the research and theoretical literature in the educational area(s) that background and inform their research interests.

GEDU 9005/EDUC 8053: Advanced Research Seminar: Focus on Methods (0.5 unit/3 credits)

Students gain detailed knowledge and technical expertise related to methods appropriate to their research question(s), aligned with philosophical and methodological orientations. Issues related to research design process are addressed, as they differ from method to method.

Depending on their particular learning needs, students may also be required to take one or more of the following Special Topics or Independent Study courses in their first year of study:

GEDU 9006/EDUC 8063: Special Topics Educational Studies (0.5 unit/3 credits)

An exploration of a selected topic in educational studies to provide students with detailed knowledge and further preparation for advanced research, if deemed necessary.

GEDU 9007/EDUC 8073: Directed Study (0.5 unit/3 credits)

A Directed Study related to topics in educational studies. The curriculum for this course will be determined by the supervisor of the course in consultation with the student and other faculty members, as necessary.