Meet our Faculty

The Faculty members of the three participating universities provide impressive research and scholarly expertise to support the Nova Scotia PhD Program in Educational Studies in all of the programs six fields of study.

Although the majority of the current supervisors come from the ranks of full time faculty members in the School and Faculties of Education at the participating universities, students have access to a wide range of scholarly talent to serve on supervisory committees and to provide additional research support.

Please note, those faculty with an S following their name indicates they are an accredited supervisor, those marked with a C indicates they are an accredited committee member.

Aylward, Dr. M. Lynn (Acadia) (S/C)

Bérard, Dr. Robert (MSVU) (S/C)

Boulet, Dr. Genviève (MSVU) (S/C)

Bowen, Dr. G. Michael (MSVU) (S/C)

Brigham, Dr. Susie (MSVU) (S/C)

Brogden, Lace Marie (StFX) (S/C)

Card, Dr. Antony (MSVU) (S/C)

Coady, Dr. Maureen (StFX) (S/C)

Cole, Dr. Ardra (MSVU) (S/C)

Doe, Dr. Christine (MSVU) (S/C)

Dyment, Dr. Janet (Acadia) (S/C)

English, Dr. Leona (StFX) (S/C)

Foran, Dr. Andrew (StFX) (S/C)

Forrest, Dr. Michelle (MSVU) (S/C)

French, Dr. Frederick (MSVU) (S/C)

Gilham, Dr. Chris (StFX) (S/C)

Gonick, Dr. Marnina (MSVU) (S/C)

Gouthro, Dr. Patricia (MSVU) (S/C)

Harkins, Dr. Mary Jane (MSVU) (S/C)

Kearns, Dr. Laura Lee (StFX) (S/C)

King, Dr. Sara (MSVU) (S/C)

Kumar, Dr. Ashwani (MSVU) (S/C)

Lordly, Dr. Daphne (MSVU) (S/C)

Lunney Borden, Dr. Lisa (StFX) (S/C)

MacDonald, Dr. Leo (StFX) (S/C)

Mackey, Dr. Wendy (StFX) (S/C)

MacKinnon, Dr. Gregory (Acadia) (S/C)

MacLeod, Dr. Katarin (StFX) (S/C)

Manning, Dr. Andrew (MSVU) (S/C)

McGonnell, Dr. Melissa (MSVU) (S/C)

McIsaac, Dr. Jessie-Lee (MSVU) (S/C)

Metsala, Dr. Jamie (MSVU) (S/C)

Mitton, Dr. Jennifer (StFX) (S/C)

Moniz, Dr. Tracy (MSVU) (S/C)

Norris, Dr. Deborah (MSVU) (S/C)

Perry, Dr. Adam (StFX) (S/C)

Rehberg Sedo, Dr. DeNel (MSVU) (S/C)

Ritchie, Dr. Krista (MSVU) (S/C)

Robinson, Dr. Daniel (StFX) (S/C)

Roy, Dr. Carole (StFX) (S/C)

Schneider, Dr. Cornelia (MSVU) (S/C)

Séguin, Dr. Daniel (MSVU) (S/C)

Surrette, Dr. Tanya (Acadia) (S/C)

Sweatman, Dr. Mary (Acadia) (S/C)

Tinkham, Dr. Jennifer (Acadia) (S/C)

Tompkins, Dr. Joanne (StFX) (C)

Trofanenko, Dr. Brenda (Acadia)

Walls. Dr. Martha (MSVU) (S/C)

Walters, Dr. Bill (StFX) (C)

Wang, Dr. Hong (MSVU) (S/C)

White, Dr. Robert (StFX) (S/C)

Young, Dr. David (StFX) (S/C)


Accredited Faculty and Committee Members:

Downey, Dr. Adrian (MSVU) (C)

McMillan, Dr. Jane (StFX) (C)

Husband, Dr. Marc (StFX) (C)

Langdon, Dr. Jonathan (StFX) (S/C)

Robinson, Dr. Ingrid (StFX) (C)

Tembrevilla, Dr. Gerald (MSVU) (C)

Throop Robinson, Dr. Evan (StFX) (C)